of a problem child

i got zing with a sting to think about aging
mother, please break open my  head
you will see three donkeys standing in there

i cannot deal with people
they say one thing & do another
& father, worry not how i go around these ways

it makes me good, going around, doing the stuffs
i have no expectation & that makes me lesser crazy
i can also tell apart all the bad things that might happen to me too

like i’m negative—i can’t bribe the government to shut schools
that’s the privilege of responsible adults only
but you can pay me so that i finish my last month’s homework

let me be as aloof as the moon
it’s okay: my plan is to be a star
with no talent tho’, i aim to be the star of fart

i want to start, be the lead of my story—
get me out from these cameo roles of others’ tales
—in implicit & unconscious ways, like old & wise folks preach

i’m tired of home; i want to go to noney or moreh
i want to buy the chinese xbox–ps4 hybrid
do expect my demand letter in an hour or two

if you want me back, buy me
two mountains of marijuana somewhere in saikul
schools are for thujerks—to hell with them   

i’m afraid of helloi; i feel the waves of delusion
i see them in my dreams
why don’t the police just kill them?

maybe all we need is the third world war
i don’t know the reason why
maybe it will decide who will be left whom i can talk to

but it’s not really the talking affair i’m into
i only want to be a nice boy
drink banana shake every morning & yell ‘fuck’ five times

i came home late last night
i was studying with my friends
please don’t look at me with your suspicious eyes

i’d love to go around the town
but there’s nobody to save us during the day
if you can, provide me protection, only night’s will also do

then i felt like praying
begging, demanding, lying for all the shits & stuffs
the joke’s on god, & mother, on you as well 

now i feel nothing
it’s just too painful
is living a kinda mandatory matter?

but i’ll not die
i got a thousand things to shit on
i don’t even care about how i end my rant here



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