1/2 Playing Card Design: Crimemaster Collection

Design Note    I have learnt so many things in life. Like how it is a privilege to disobey my parents. Like why it does not matter listening to the elders. Like how I should be a pain in everybody’s bloody ass. Like it is plain ridiculous to believe in the government. Like it is hopeless to see my friends who dream about living in Las Vegas and Morocco yet spend lives in a shit-filled land. One thing, however, that I have never learnt is playing cards. It was not that I had got no chance but I have no brain for it. Once I had learnt the Nagaland Point, a sort of bluff game but I will need a Learn-NP-in-Two-Hours-to-Become-a-Pro course, preferably from a good ol’ gambler, to remind me how it is played and what the rules are once more. Like a real estate agent who deals in high-end properties but live as a squatter, I present you this collection of playing cards design.  

Ps: Check 2/2 Playing Card Design: Headhunter & Co and Others in the next post.



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