Band Name Inspiration: Moreh Rocket Martini & Others

A list of nonsensical band names inspired by the Band Name Generator of Communications from Elsewhere (


Ziggy Turgidson and the Nagasaki Accountants
The Riot Cow Method
Ibempishak and the Porn Star Patrol
The Five-Man Shaving Squad


Order of the Thicker Consultant
Blind Bumblebee
Electric Young Mother
The Flying Guy Gang


Six Stars and One Hammer
The Dead Chief of Commander
Sal LaZonga and the Midnight Alpha Scam
The Kangla Clown Quartet


The Good Grass and the Group
Moreh Rocket Martini
The Men of Demand Letters
Silver Ibobi


Order Of The Starving Noise
Commando Protocol
The Dong Fellow Brotherhood
Imphal Conspiracy Project


The Moozzee Booze Session
Bitter Lost Boys
The Handless Juggler Band
BOC Rotten Missiles


The Screaming Thujerk Society
Queer Kangpokpi Symphony
Sugnu Proton Constantinople
Ibopishak Time Position

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