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1/2 ROFLMAO (Rendition Of the Frigging, Loathsome and Misunderstood Acronyms Online)

rolf! what? are you really rolling on the floor laughing?  well, please stay down there for a sec while I KICK YOUR ASS.
- David Levithan, Will Grayson

2/2 ROFLMAO (Rendition Of the Frigging, Loathsome and Misunderstood Acronyms Online)

Why is abbreviation such a long word? - Thomas Alva Edison

You Can Live To Be 150 But What You Should Do Is Shocking

I thought this was shocking but what happened next changed everything, as I realise I’m not a content schmuck-cum-strategist nor am I into search engine optimisation neither am I a magical doctor who knows anything about life expectancy; neither have I any intention to fool you with a deceptive headline; though the fact is I’m just too bored currently with no links on social media that read like A Boy Makes Nationalist Comments in Front of the Prime Minister, the PM’s Reply: Outrageous or What This Limbless Jerker Did Is Extraordinary or You Will Shit in Your Pant When You See What a Hindu Fascist Discovered or I Thought It Was Inhumane But Then I Saw This One-minute Video of a Man from Burma or If You Can Listen to This and Not Puked, Then You Are Wiser Than Albert Einstein or Try Not to Fall Off Your Chair When You Listen To This Two-headed Baby or I’ll Never Look at India the Same Way Again—so I thought why not create a headline and start rambling because I have also refreshed mor…

Of Hindu Hullabaloo

Nabadwip Dham in Nadia district of West Bengal is a favourite pilgrim destination of Hindu devotees of Manipur as every year during the Holi festival devotees from the State flock to the temple of Shri Anu Mahaprabhu located in an area known as Manipur. —Nabadwip Dham – A pilgrimage destination by Bachaspatimayum Bisheswar, Imphal Free Press, 29 March 2016

From the first day we came to this world, there is a name of one mystic town that we cannot help but keep hearing about: Binabon in earlier days, which we found later in real is Vrindāvan located in Uttar Pradesh. To complement it, there is one factor: I still remember the humming incantation of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (1486–1533CE) or other audio scriptures that Edhou used to play on his stereo player. Our uncles used to tell us that, when they were young, they were strictly prohibited from cooking non-vegetarian meals ‘inside’ the house so they had to make temporary arrangement ‘outside’ the gate. Now with the news excerpt mentioned…

On Social Development: Part 1

An idealistic consideration of development in Manipur with a belief that knowing the fundamental nature of a problem can offer some solutions 

We live in a world of change. It is always certain that ten years ago, we might have only buses as a mode of land transport but in the next ten years, we will have a railway transport system. What was once used to be a single-lane highway can be transformed into a four-lane route. However, elsewhere in the world there are already bullet trains and 100-lane highways and at home the snail-pace change can create problems galore ranging from political instability to social revolutions.

Change is inevitable but we cannot ignore the undercurrents that allow change possible, that accelerate change and that make change as slow as the process of continental drift. In essence, this back-breaking slowness—which characterises our life and society—is the rationale behind writing this piece as …

On Social Development: Part 2

The Politics of Social Development

We can put it in another way: How does a suppressed society take up these initiatives? Alternatively, how do we plan and grow when the authority is as indifferent as a wild animal that had just finished its meal?

Several financial and not-for-profit organisations, particularly those based in the West, are delving on the issues of social development from the perspectives of ‘problem-driven governance and political economy’, ‘sustainable livelihood framework in situations of conflict’, ‘interaction of political and economic processes’, ‘comprehensive administration reforms’, ‘coherence between political and humanitarian responses’, and so on.

Here, we are concerned with a journalistic approach from a viewpoint of native politics or from that of a suppressed society. In a state like Manipur—a frontier province where gun rules the roost but nevertheless belongs to India, the biggest democracy of the world—any development study would take its foundation i…

Below The Lady and the Military

A tribute to the Burmese political prisoners

Once at an informal gathering, a professor told us that it would be naïve for Aung San Suu Kyi if she never made any remark about the crisis of democracy and human rights in Manipur—her neighbour which also shares a long history of both fraternity and enmity. The professor was speaking in the context of her idealism on democracy that she has been fighting for almost four decades under the military junta in Burma. He was persuasive then, if we also see that The Lady is a Nobel laureate and a global icon of democracy; while for us, in the name of living in the world’s largest democracy we have to fight even for the basic right to life.

However, over the months after that gathering, the professor’s words have become just a sort of our disillusionment with the tyranny of our lives, which has nothing to do with anyone influential or not; more or less so—because it is all about bloody politics.

The reason for my change of heart is because of the…

Quote Design: Wailing of a Mountain Man Lost in a Concrete Jungle

Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly;
Man got to sit and wonder ‘why, why, why?’
Tiger got to sleep, bird got to land;
Man got to tell himself he understand.”
― Kurt Vonnegut, Cat’s Cradle

Today’s trivia: Q    How do trees get on the Internet?
A   They log in. 

All Chicken, No Egg

I began with an aim to make a minimal poster series on normal birds: of ibises, chekla-pombi and freedom. But after a couple of birds, it started looking like a cock and a hen simultaneously, thanks to my amazing illustration skill. The birds have flown away, and now I got this collection. While browsing online for some design ideas, I came across a list of birds that are usually seen in my hometown. I also found that the scientific name of two birds have Manipur in it: Manipur bush quail, which is named as Perdicula manipurensis and Manipur treecreeper as Certhia manipurensis. Both of them were named by a colonial ornithologist in 1881.

Identity Scarred

I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.
—Song of Myself, Walt Whitman

I’m a human being.

This introduction is absurd for we are all humans. However, when we talk on an issue like that of identity it becomes significant. We identify by our nationalities and religions. We identify by our professions and areas of interest. And it is human nature that we aspire to be in a group, which gives us a sense of purpose and belongingness.

So far, so good. Now, when this concept of identification slides towards the negative coordinates, all hell breaks loose. Consider the politics of identity in and around the Northeast India that is a home to hundreds of ethnic groups. Many of them do not even see eye to eye. On another level, this region is more Southeast Asian than Indian or South Asian in terms of history, race, politics and geography. All these differences are another reason that legitimises identity…

Rules for Radicals (Tactics in Graphics)

Saul Alinsky (1909–1972) wrote the Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals in 1971. The author-activist wanted to create a template for community organisers and hence this book. He also wanted to unite and empower the Have-Nots to raise their voices. It was his conviction that the existing establishment is the main antagonist besides being the agents of inequality and injustice. In Rules for Radicals (Tactics in Graphics), we focus on the rule of power tactics or simply tactics. A March 1970 edition of the Times exclaimed: ‘It is not too much to argue that American democracy is being altered by Alinsky's ideas’.


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