A Rant on the Promises of the Election Month

If I win the election
I won’t give a rat’s ass,
I might give you what you will ever need
A bridge over the Loktak
A dozen fancy locations to build hotels over there
An affordable whorehouse at the city centre
A connection between the rivers Imphal and Ningthi
A black-topped road all the way to Kabo Valley
A platform to merge the hills and valley
And half a dozen homes closer to Babupura
And for namesake, a college or a university
And another road that leads to nowhere,
Ask not what I can do for you
Ask what you can do for me
And be a free human — just be free.

What are promises for, if not those are not broken
What are we for, if not we are ‘not’ chosen
If I win the election
I’ll get you more jobs in the police
More security forces than people would want security
I’ll build the longest and largest gate at Mao
Maybe longer than the chronic queues
Those around petrol pumps in the town
But take my word for it, peasants and plebeians
I’ll never form an alliance with India



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