Typographical Reflection on the Biggest Circus of the Largest Democracy

The assembly election is due tomorrow and then on the next Wedneday, 8 March. It is significant on two counts: one, electoral politics is the sole factor that reminds us of our lives in a democracy; and two, it is going to decide a part of the fate of the people living in Manipur for the following five years. Over the years, however, the sole consequence of this regular circus is farcical to say the least.

For the lack of a better term, the best that can describe our political life is jungle, where the authority has paradoxically no power except in flexing muscles around the public exchequer; while the establishment is perforated with people poking their fingers into; and any group who care a tad can take the power into its hands; and there is no sight of solution to the eternal problems of armed conflict, social decadence and underdevelopment in a neocolonial state called India. This is the tragedy of our times and the following is a concise typographical reflection on it.



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