The Government Mandate & Nearly a Dozen of Haiku

No one would have guessed
All roads lead to Raj Bhavan,
The government gang.

What do you stand for?
How do you stand for your goals?
Never, ever ask.

Some won by killing
Others by selling heroin
How did I lose all?

Full persuasion
Fuller any shit would count
Form a government.

All prostitution
All the government people,
We pay for the fuck.

They would use a name:
Horse trading or a bargain
—We have ass trading.

Al the butts galore
Watch out their thrill of kissing
STD society.

I had sold my soul
For ten drinks and many meals
Chatni waanomba.

I couldn’t finish it
Then with guns, now with the laws
Let me drill your ass.

Those who know break it
Those who know the petty laws
The legislators

Hail amnesia!
Hail our leaders and looters!
Public memory.

An inner voice says
A reform is always a myth;
One revolution.

Breaking News: Nongthombam Biren took oath as the chief minister of Manipur—and as the first BJP CM in the state—today afternoon; 15 March 2017 (it is also the fourth day of Yaosang). With courtesy to the Hindutva people he has been able to stake claim to form the government in cahoots with the governor of the state, Najma Heptulla, who is also a well-qualified BJP product.

The Indian National Congress is the single largest party but has been left behind with three MLAs short of making the magic figure of 31. The BJP that was short of ten has made post-poll alliance with one MLA each from LJP, the INC (yes, the second strike after Heptulla’s first!) and Trinamool Congress and four members each from NPP and NPF.



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