In Pictures: “Rainin’ in Paradize” by Manu Chao

It was funny when I heard his name for the first time. In my mother tongue Manu Chao means big penis, and the name fitted only somewhere between Brazzers and some random XXX sites, but never in the world of popular music that endorses art as a form of political engagement or resistance. Then I got Bongo-bong while listening to his music. Truth be told, we prefer a good lie to a simple truth, more so when we talk about politics. In my hometown, we have bands like Tapta and Imphal Talkies & the Howlers that sing daringly about our short and brutish lives in a conflict zone.

Here we have a graphic collection based on one of Manu Chao’s terrific songs, Rainin’ in Paradize that was first released in 2001.



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