Critical Tomba 3: The Great National Social Benefit System of India

Imphal, July 2: Toijam Tomthinnganba, the record-holding most educated man in the state, has joined the People’s Action Committee for Scheduled Tribes and against the Step-motherly Treatment of Meithus in the Capital Town of Imphal and Elsewhere by the Government of India (PACSTSTMCTIEGOI) that has been campaigning for the inclusion of Meiteis in the Scheduled Tribe category of the Great National Social Benefit System of India, according to a statement released by the committee. Amongst others, T Tomthinnganba is most excited about the free privilege to go ‘national’ now, the statement mentioned. Over a phone interview, however, the new famous member reveals he is more worried about examinations and similar stuffs, with which he could avail himself of the privileges. He added he wish anybody can just to a government office like the DC and obtain whatever it is available in the ‘package’. In an informal interview, on the other hand, a representative of the PACSTSTMCTIEGOI expresses his excitement about the categorisation being no different from getting a sure-shot ticket for cent-percent development in Manipur. He also mentioned that his organisation is not the usual JAC but a PAC though it was not clear what he meant by the difference.

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