Critical Tomba 6: Investment Inc.

Chingkhei Chongtham, son of Ch Mukundo and Ch Ongbi Laishram Ningol Memchoubi, won the State-Level One Mathematic Question One Bonus [(OMQ)^OB] Contest by calculating an answer with a permitted error of just ±9.5%, said a statement from the organiser of the contest. Competitors were asked to solve the return on one-time investment of ₹4,500,000 for a professional life of a 34-year span, said the statement. Chingkhei solved that a professional will get the principal amount in less than 10 years, tax included and there is as well a possibility of the professional to accumulate 144 times the interest plus half as much interest at the present currency rate, with the given annual return of ₹480,000 plus bonuses and the annual/bi-annual increments. Meanwhile, All Manipur Mathematics Association applauded the winner and one of its representatives has declared that Chingkhei is a true son of the soil in a village meeting at the community hall of the winner’s locality.

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