Critical Tomba 4: Universal Democracy Day

Imphal, July 2: In a first of its kind, India celebrated the Universal Democracy Day, said a statement signed and released by KK Kathulia, a high ranking military official, today. India has been rising as the biggest democracy in the world, he declared. At a pleasant evening in New Delhi, advocate Wakrambam Malhotra spoke on how the idea of state originated from the concept of ‘bare needs of life that has sustained for the good life of humans’ and presented a list of 155,208 betrayers, who were neutralised in Manipur for the protection of democratic ideals and good life of not only humans but also the nation, the statement added. The day ended with the guests taking a pledge—all in the name of democracy—to end the internal problems of Indian nation-building by applying the concepts of sham (reconciliation), bhed (split), danda (force) and dam (monetary inducement) as envisaged by the great Chanakya, the statement concluded.

Image: Nesta
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