Baby, buy me a buy

for we buy, they sell
for the sell, they put on a sale
for the sale, we buy

back in the old days
a very long time ago, there was a village
of simple lives and barter and no socage
with the bare essentials, with no shortage

surely it was an easy life
all a man needed was a beautiful wife
the winds of joy blew so rife.

soon the people got the sight
when the gods cried there should be light
since then no beast can resist the man’s might

back to the present world

move forward with the progress and economics
keeping up, now we have 1,000 kinds of bricks
building more buildings while we sharpen our tricks

more consumption and digestion and excretion
big business houses’ domination
without brands the world is lost in a web of motion

i am high when i buy, i buy when i am high
the ads egg on me to go to shanghai
and i also need the booze from sekmai

right here, right now

in this intricate, wicked banquet
with the legion of cutlet and omlette and sherbet
i need only a peg of chamelei and a piece of fillet.

can’t buy me peace
unneeded is everything to us
so absurd; life's a circus.

great rush for the ticket
inside i will hunt with a ferret
though it's not thick, my wallet

*Chamelei: A fine country liquor which is as pure as the sweetest nectar

Buy, buy



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