On solitude

Too many words already in this blog. Now I have got some pictures to make an equation out of this verbal diarrhea. These images, representing a theme on solitude, are taken randomly from my image folders.


☝ S C O R I N G  A  C E N T U R Y: If you have any quarrel with your nosy landlady or a problem with your neighbour's grocery store owner, dial this number. The Police Control Room, New Delhi. But for those issues with the local dimwits, dumbfucks, it depends on how quickly you can roll up your sleeves.

☝ W E A P O N  O F  C H O I C E: It's not only pen vs. gun, we can also play the music loud for some peace.

☝ S T E A L I N G  S I D E - G L A N C E: This is the perfect example of how much I have deviated from the theme I had in mind when I first thought about this post. A side façade of the noisy, crowded India Gate. But somehow I have managed to maintain the motif with these photographs of mostly, single objects in each shot.

☝ H O M E  I S  W H E R E  T H E  H A T R E D  I S: Decadence has found another meaning in this building in north Delhi. And it is also our House of Haiku. You will know what I mean in a couple of weeks, how I have related it to some Japanese thing. It's a shhh... secret!

☝ T I B E T  T I N K L E S The best thing to do after ordering your food is to take some snapshot. Shoot inside the Tibet Kitchen, Lajpat Nagar. They have some good foods too. 

☝ COOKIE AND KUKI ARE HOMOPHONES! It's not a cake, but a cookie and you can have it as well as eat it.

☝ HANGMAN: The clothes are blowing in the wind. Get a cloth-clip to clip the cloth! 

☝ K E E P  T H E  F A I T H: No Soundgarden here, this is Gautam Buddha Pose.

☝ W H E R E  H A V E  A L L  T H E  F L O W E R S  G O N E: Have you ever seen a flying vase, which is 13 feet tall? Check it out.

☝ K H O I M U  A M A S O O N G  L E I R A N G: We have an interesting romantic comparison of bees and flowers to men and women respectively in my native place. So usually in pop music, female singers croon about the bees' naughtiness, their schmaltzy behaviour, while the male counterparts sing about the softness and tenderness of the petals and blah blah blah. [Khoimu - bee, leirang - flower]   

☝ I  S T A N D  F O R  U N I T Y: Talking about Soundgarden, Pete Seegers and our Manipuri pop singers, and with this image I recall Eastern Dark, singing Singja, which means a faggot, not in terms of sexual orientation but the bundle of firewoods. The song goes something like — even if the trees have gone dry, we will wait for that moment when we will be a singja, when we will be together — a nice number with political and patriotic overtones.  


So that's it, folks! Hope you like the shots.



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