We belong together

J U S T    K I D D I N G

“I know that my unity with all people cannot be destroyed by national boundaries and government orders.”
L e o    T o l s t o y

How amazing how we assort, we attach
in this mess more muddied than the mussiness
of our dirty desires that match with only that of
the monsoon skies that only long for rain?
Our life is the grim, blackness of the lightless nights.
How true how tight we are tied together!

And you look like so much like mewhen you look at it that way
And take it; I talk just like you talk
when I tally all
the talks and thoughts with the tinker's damn
for we belong together, we damn together.

In this darkness we can see
I can criticise as much as you can
You can curse as much as I can,
—as true as we are made of this land
—as high as we can climb the Koubru.

For we belong together
We are in the same shithole.

In every direction we look are the signboards
set up with the marks of our time
Of lost expression, of dead voices.
In every talk that we talk is the same tattle:

The meaninglessness in time's anticlockwise direction
Fed up of the monotonous click and tick all the time.
Nothing's helped us,
We can help ourselves
out of the altered consciousness
We belong together in the decadence.



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