Meaningless meanings

The meanings of meaning are ideal,
though limited by language. The scientists
of mass and matter see
the reason in macrocosm,
partly shadowed
by the low wavelength
of our mind
when compared to the vastness of the universe;
while the masters of gods and heaven
put some light on the shadow
with the faith and things like that.

Once on the same high pedestal, the scores of scholars
studied the social text on schedule tribes,
on the reservation discourse,
while a handful of the unfortunate folks
attended the show of intelligence.
Finally it concluded with a meaning:
the meaning of nothingness.

On other occasions, it comes
as the unexpected December rain
that we have to find the meaning
—for the rain, all the other similar things
and even the dissimilar things
and their reason of existence
and reminding me of Marx who said,
a reason is always there,
but not all of them are logical.

Sometimes everything is just an illusion.
Indeed the meanings are simple for us:
eat when hungry,
mourn the loss of loved ones;
Death has a meaning too, of the meaninglessness.

“Meaning is not what you start with, but what you end up with.”



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