Beginning of the End

Be crumbled all your hills
Like a house of cards
Death to all your gods
God is death
Even the air's not spared, all polluted
What made are you of!
My hometown
I usually have at home my vacation.

A truckload of marijuana crosses the border
A room full of heroin is carefully hidden
Tankies of hooch ply on the street
An overloaded garrison of gun and bullets
All is apparent
As in light, so bright of the noon
But cleariness, it is utterly failed
Which way leads to our destination

Directionless drift
Yonder valley
Animal instincts
Incorrigible mess
'This land is your land'
Blasted the stereo player
Ironically incomprehensive
We cannot relate it
We are like that only
Be or let it be

There is no other way
I'm, now, thinking with my heart
It is no wonder then
In complete destruction
In a newfangled creation
Lies our new beginning from the scratch



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