What is the Harm in Giving Alternative Arrangement to the Nagas?

Who is responsible for the escalating hostility between the Nagas and the Meiteis? —the Nagas who have just invented a history successfully or is it because of the Meiteis, one of the most moronic races ever lived on the earth? Here’s why both of them are equally hopeless as much as they are stupid and how India has been indulging in monkey business.
There is a close resemblance of the Union government to the proverbial monkey, who takes the responsibility of distributing equally chapattis between two warring animals, until he eats up everything. Of course, the government can never be a monkey howsoever he behaves like one. Willy-nilly, it was asking for a stick, up his rear earlier this month when the Union Home Minister cracked a joke to the Naga rebels and the provincial government of Manipur about offering an alternative arrangement to solve the age-old problem of the Naga insurgency. He was not really joking; he only desperately needs the stick.

Though many of us see nothing good in travelling back to the past, history is what we are today. Still everybody knows how the government is taking the monkey role like a double role, while keeping itself out of harm’s way. Before we talk about the Naga nightmare, the government should admit how it has been manipulating the frontiers for its own security; simultaneously, that its nation-building process is a yet-to-be-realised dream. At the same time, the natives are paying for it with a heavy price.

What is the Harm in Giving Alternative Arrangement to the Nagas?
Image from the Sangai Express
The Indian nationalists and patriots should take note of this, before pointing their fingers at China, Burma, ‘misguided’ youth and the law and order situation. After all, it is a crime to forcibly annex a territory and do what it wants like bartering the land with neighbouring states and countries, all in all ignoring the pulse of the masses. The future superpower should learn something from its mistakes. It smacks of its arrogance and newfound power just like the imperial states of the 20th century.

It is no wonder why Manipuri fundamentalists see in its approach and strategy, a vile way of manufacturing the Indian consciousness for a people who it shares little affinity with. And what is the harm in giving an alternative arrangement to the Nagas? The Nagas should also add more narratives to their recently created history to accentuate its credibility.

Since the controversial merging of the erstwhile small democracy to the Indian union, that the territorial area of Manipur has been shrinking is a fact. However, one thing is clear. The rebels are no match for the RAW and IB and countless unemployed folks from the mainland who have luckily found jobs in the paramilitary forces. For their kind information, nationality is not related to genocide.

Patriotism does not lie in the barrel of the gun. The sinister plot of militarising the entire region is one thing the future generation will never forgive about India. And here we are not talking about enmity and hostility but serious problems of cultural displacement, identity crisis and distortion of history, which can be just the right ingredients for all the mess and the problems. What is worrying is that only the civilians will be at the receiving end. It is another thing if in the next century, the Union succeeds in allowing only the conforming sheeps to live in such a transformed land. The union has to explain its motives, right from making for the Instrument of Accession to the peace deals with the Nagas, before it plans to create a supra-state or talks about the alternative arrangement. No monkey business here. People know the motives though never has there been an explanation.

The Manipur government is used to kneel before the union government and beg. Despite this, it cannot afford to go against the people because it is still not done plundering the wealth and loots—and more apparently, it has no gut, never has the power to control the mob in this land where many a time democracy has been equated with mobocracy. New Delhi also clearly knows the path and banks on the mess while the national boundary is well retained. Reconsider the monkey, arranging a bait meticulously and sitting under a banyan tree, on purpose negotiating between two supposedly moronic warring groups. There is still a big question on who started the fire in the first place. A lot of issues, if not harm, are there in the phony alternative arrangement.



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