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Our Private Literature is a radical literary journal published by the Alcoholic Anarchists. The first issue is themed on protest, or specifically, art as a form of protest. This edition, featuring 26 poems, a play and three essays including a  book review, was published on 15 October, the Black Day of Manipur. Currently based out of Delhi, OPL will be published regularly every quarter.

From the editorial desk
Art as a Form of Protest

In recent times, we have seen people taking to the streets, all over the world, dissatisfied with the sociopolitical and economic issues. Misfit rulers, corrupt regimes, puppet governments, brutal states have given a clarion call for popular uprisings.  Simply put, we have become a tool — in thought, in action, and in living — to resist against the currents of our time. That’s why we are in the streets, shouting, singing and pelting stones.

Protest has become the order of the day. When the oft-repeated and abused words like ‘protest’ and ‘resistance’ become a part of popular culture, the existing art forms depict the pangs of our contemporary lives. No wonder, it doesn’t take much time for our expression of these social decadence and cultural detritus to evolve as a way of life. In an Orwellian narrative, for instance, our thoughts are only about sinking ships when we are in a sinking ship.

We are trying to capture, in this edition of Our Private Literature, some of our angst and thoughts about the sinking ships. With poems, essays, review, translation and drama, we endeavour to uncover the hidden ambivalence between ‘the loathing’ and ‘the expression’. The fact that we loathe almost everything that’s been happening around us doesn’t necessarily give birth to protest; but surely, in a way, it offers ample space to stretch the known art forms, like creating new avenues to protest. Here, that’s what we are trying to do: accentuate the methods of protest.

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PS: The next edition is scheduled for January next. We will be collecting the write-ups from November, so please feel free to contribute. We have some potential themes, which we will finalise probably early next month. 

The contents of Oct-Dec 2012 issue



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