Get High, Dig Deeper

Get High, Dig Deeper

Brothers and folks—let the world be shared,
Spades and shovels and trowels and buckets, for today,
We have too much to dig and we have too much to bury
Out of our sight; so many things that we have to keep,
We have to dig deeper, deeper than it was in the last moment!

We could have just burn them down, but the fire’s so far away
They say the kids have taken the torches and the candles and the fire
They are burning their books because they are burning their books
They are burning their books; so we have to dig deeper for there is no fire
Let the diggers be paid handsomely
Promise them—for their hard work, for what it is worth
They will be compensated, if not for us
The Delhi is waiting with sacks of money; dig deeper

Now, right now
Let us bury and waste no more time
This will be the last day, pray
On the serpentine roads, dozens of trucks will be coming soon
On the trucks, then they will take away these lands of grime and grunge
Pity those who worship the land;
And we will have no priests
And we will have no shamans
And we will have no clergies

In this bottomless pit, we are burying today
Our gods and our clothes
Our names and our faiths and our beliefs
Our fake lives and our natures
Our properties and our everything,
This large rootless area we can see
This sacred pit lies near the dry trees and shrubs,; dryness be damned

We do see the protests
We do hear the choleric judgments
We do understand the clarion call
For we are made of two people with no soul,
In our own papers, we do read their repeated claims
“Punishment for those who mindlessly get involved in others’ businesses”
 “Punishment for those who disrobe their gods and goddesses”;

The irony has been lost in the cacophony
As we dig, let them tell us
Who the masters and who the rulers are
But let them not just molest the sensitivity
But bring us, all the coconuts and bananas
And toona leaves and mango leaves
Let us bury everything.
Eh! The diggers are all high!
Oi! It takes only a shot to bury all these craps.      



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