The Protagonist's Plight

On the big screen, when we watch the cinema
Truth alone triumphs because we can create an aura
Of truth like we can find from the Khwairamband a Honda

Tho' even in the artificialty we can see
Tho's life's lost in scripts, in limitless boundary
The plight of the protagonist, is she drowned in her own tears
Unconscious of the villains who invent the fears

—Even before when she knows she is drowned
But that's no issue, drowning the agonies in the background
It is so possible—all it takes is some imagination;
She fits not, for life's no tragedy, in obscure pathetic condition

No matter how much she hides in the name of her character
But she can be happy; her condition clearly can she alter
All it takes is some twist in the tale,
If not, has the hero a lot of things to do; high he has to scale.
A major protagonist of the poetic lowlife
Image: Charles Bukowski Poem text: Poem Hunter

As The Poems Go

as the poems go into the thousands you
realize that you've created very
--Charles Bukowski



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