Diseased, Distressed

Everything is a part of the whole
So many rivers of the Loktak altogether
So many guns of the shithole heap
So many drugs and chemicals
So many looters and robbers
So many rapists and motherfuckers
So many of the animals entirely
It’s only self-righteousness defending
Unconcerned feeling spreading
Oblivion creating, forgetting
Unfortunately the fact remains
No matter what the truth is,
What is true of the shithole
It’s only blasé indifference
It’s only another truth;
When there is no difference
Between the loafer and the officer
Between the killer and the master
Between the army and the revolutionary
Between the god and the dog
Between the scum and the chum
Children only got to play police and thieves
It is what they will become next decade
And us we got to be vanished any day.



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