Giant Leap Records: The Hub of a New Wave of Independent Music

We are an independent record label based in New Delhi. A small yet spirited bunch with a vision, we believe we’re not just a record label, we’re an ideology. Join forces with us and become part of this new wave!   

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Obsidian Kingdom performing Mantiis at Music Hall. Barcelona. Source: OYEME!

Founded in 2013, Giant Leap Records is an independent record label based in New Delhi, India. The label was created with a vision to become the hub of a new wave of independent music in India.

We are a bunch of guys who are a part and passionate followers of the independent music scene in the subcontinent, and have witnessed the tremendous potential of many a great artist here: multi-talented singer-songwriters, hard-working bands and the likes. Thanks to a dedicated fan-following and a surge of music festivals held across the country, indie music has finally found solid ground. And not only is it here to stay, it is ever-evolving, with newer artists joining the scene everyday, bands getting experimental, the live scene expanding…it’s a whole new wave altogether! Social networking also plays a major role in connecting the bands with their target audience.

However, beyond all things YouTube, lie the real challenges of a ‘studio grade’ music production, high-quality music that’s worthy of worldwide distribution and making money for the artist. We are aware of the kind of challenges an unconventional artist has to face here in finding the perfect outlet for his musical goals, especially in the current market flooded by the demand and supply of conventional and mainstream content. Besides this, another big problem is the lack of creative freedom many artists have to face during production phases due to financial constraints or downright apathy by the production staff. We faced them, our friends faced them, and we know it sucks!

Anything that stifles the creative process does not belong in the GLR system. We strive to provide our artists with a unique platform where he/she gets complete creative control as well as expert advice from our in-house team of engineers/producers for every bit of technical/ musical detail involved. We also have an ‘Expert Bench’, where we get help from some of the leading members of the indie music scene: musicians, producers, engineers and content developers whom we have developed a close working relationship with.

And it doesn’t stop here, our ultimate goal is to enable our artists to connect effectively with their fan base and continue to expand in newer ways.

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