when in the darkness
the giants march forward
          all i had were my words
and it was too insufficient
          i cut myself with metaphors, i cut myself with redundant expressions
and vitriol one of them pours fucking up my balls
          as if their monstrosity is not enough
          as if their weapons those are not rough enough

kill the masters like the murderers they rape and kill the child

this is my hometown
the frowning clowns galore; let everything down
and am i fallen
just like the junkie in a police breakdown
let me go i got some money

with their wives i’ll plan and flee
leave the beasts behind; and make it a better place to live
but never it’s clear whether it’s you or me who is the spiv
fallen, yet life goes on
let’s wait for the dawn
oh, when


The GLASS Image from  the Sodahead



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