Have the Tea First

No reverse;

In the land of honey the sugar tastes defeated
That’s why, presumably, ever the little guy gripes
He got no tea after he got his éclair; but tea first, perhaps

                           Each dingy corner has a master
                           And a bunch of thieves
                           And a bunch of killers
                           And a bunch of rapists
                           The headcount is the testimony

Our corner has a score of thieves
With old hands separating the two of them
One wears a tie and blazer
Two has got the guns
In the name of our ancestors I would suggest three;

Anyways when the powerful thieves amass in million
The thief’s at the commissioner’s office got the paise
Just like our blood is no match for our spring’s crimson skies;
Just like a garden eclipses the most expensive florist
It is easy to loot a thousand after looting hundred thousands

And when the killer murders the faceless minister
The death of my neighbour, from stray bullets, is no issue at all
Wise men would get the better of us and say
It is collateral damage of a fucked-up society
For one death, we get a dozen points to stay alive

And if when the rapists can murder hundreds of little girls
What harm is there in animal-fucking an eighty-year-old invalid  
It is just one, for beast’s sake
Surely when you have the caramel first, the tea tastes so bland
We can but feel helpless as the paltry spoons of sugar

When the masters loot a million
There’s nothing wrong in his foot soldiers, gobbling up in thousands
When the killers can kill with impunity because they have the law
A petty murderer from the locality is merely negligible
When the rapists can insert iron rods in their victims’ private parts
Morality is just a piece of shit.

Now I will have the tea
And the éclairs I simply care not
And I care not the piece of shit
All along the order is fluctuating
We live and travel and die in cycles
Everything is.
Image from the Anonymous ART of Revolution



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