We Are the Atoms of a Shemale’s Ball

For representational purposes!

We will become one when we know the origin of the universe. By ‘we’, we mean no bloody nationalists, no Indian, no Asian, but the entire humanity. The ignorance about the origin has produced a universe of relative laws and theories, plus hopeless faith systems and beliefs. When the strictest science can merely do is to theorise, it is no surprise how we have found god and its ilk. The latest observation from the Natural Club of Scientists and Scientific Believers (NCSSB) shows an interesting evidence of who we are. We are the atoms of a shemale’s ball.
Each light speck is a galaxy. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

And the club has compelling proofs. Do you remember in high school, what the Physics books taught us about the basic concepts of space, time and matter? From the tiniest atom to the entire universe, there is a pattern—precisely the basic structure of everything is an atom, in which the protons revolve around the electron. This structure extends to the solar system, where the planets revolve around the sun and further it covers the universe. Already we are the microbes in a pale blue dot.

After months of nonstop experimentation, NCSSB has demonstrated that the cosmo is nothing but the atoms that make up the ball of a shemale. 

Can you try and imagine the size of the ball or for that matter, the size of the unimaginable Brobdingnagian? Perhaps some of us are the scattered atoms of, not the balls, but the shemale’s boobs or her button! Now does it make sense about caring who we are, searching where we come from, fighting for countries and all the craps that build and define our existence? Nope, period.

Meme from Fuck Sensitivity.
At  most, just like science, what we can do is to theorise about the shemale; after all we are closely related, though not necessarily at the cost of an incestuous perception. For information’s sake, from schools to the country, we have been singing songs of being brothers and sisters. Brothers are one set, the sisters another. Let us put it this way. No matter what we belong together. We belong to the same ball. To hell with the nation. 

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