from the altar, among the china roses and lotuses

what we see is not what we speak
what we speak is not what we see not
what we not see is what we speak not

it is like no man exists
just like who has not seen any prostitute
in some shitty shanty in paona bazar
like only the army rapes
when we can see motherfuckers galore
the preachers preach about promiscuity
it was imported from andromeda
or else it is the ‘them’, not the ‘us’
scattering the shits all the sides
us, we are the children of the god
the goddess of virginity,
they are harassing the gods
they are molesting the goddesses
us, we have never seen any beauty
who sells herself
and as well, never we see gods
and behind the temple walls we see
the fathers leer at their daughters-in-law
the husbands dig for the pot of pussies
the brothers drown in thousand bods of boobs
never know what the other sex do; maybe only sex
and all the kids are waiting for puberty
and the preachers are still preaching
they look they are hard for a lifetime



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