is it in the seeking of symbols
is it in the seeking symbols?
the confusion is killing
try the gods and they say
the gods are outlanders belonging to no heaven
try the edifices and they say
the edifices are a piece of shit,
unwashably pious and historical nothingness,
and here we are with nothing to stand for
here we are with everything meaning nothing

the tallest mount tenipu is the height of prosperity
and ever the looters and killers amass for posterity
this means no sacrificing the good sense of beauty
just for the sake of comparing our duty
for that matter we have scaled new heights in bestiality

in relentless seeking are the symbols galore
―the scattering kiethel rubbish dumps are our cleanliness’ image
government buildings are the symbol of impending destruction
all drunken mob is the epitome of justice
giving the monkeys a run for their money
fuck the monkeys, fire the criminals,
peanuts share so many similarities with our brain
something about us is in a caged, foul-mouthed parrot
and all about us all of us know is in some animal farm



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