similarities: on recalling last season

during christmas season
from the hills dearly brothers and dearer sisters
they arrive in droves to the brighter valley, our town
some of them bring oranges from tamenglong
some, maize and chillies from ukhrul
others, they carry all things good away
after all it’s the time of the year
when it matters not, which gods we fuck with

during any time of the year
many of us depart for the united states of india
as we leave behind the shits
we feel like kings
two mistresses massaging the arms
one fetching gracefully to our lips the grapes
one cooling the air with a fan made of peacock feathers

then i realise the thoughts of the hillspeople
i do belong to the mountains
no matter, even if i got a james bond’s suit
no matter i buy the miss spiral galaxy crown for my girl
and i can’t help laughing when i wear the suit at the ghetto
like it is christmas but the only similarity
it is the fat santa claus’ ass i got.



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