1/2 Western Literary Movements: In Pixels!

Literature, like any living entity changes with time. It might be half as old as human civilization and its definitions have been changing over the decades and centuries. We would need a couple of volume of books to discuss each aspect fairly. Somehow, it is possible to have a glance over its existence from a bird’s-eye view, as seen through the various literary movements.

This post emphasizes on Western literary movements and schools, most notably from the United States and a few parts of Europe, and again focusing more on London and Paris. However, that is not the end: we have a couple of them from Latin America and India as well. In a way, this is a collection of literary movements in English language.

Learn about the details—there are various sources and have a deeper insight when you read your favourite writers and their works.

The post has been divided into two sections to make the page load faster.

[Image guide: The first few lines are a short description and in all caps, those are some of the popular authors, of that particular movement.]

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