Modern Tabloid Front-Page Design Project

Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.
Dieter Rams

The layout and design of a newspaper can make or break it. The arrangement of texts and images enhances the prominence of news stories depending on their relevance and significance—and it makes the visual uncluttered as well as easy on the eye. The Modern Tabloid Front-Page Design Project is a whimsical take on the tabloid format. Each single spread has been balanced proportionately to a conventional dimension of 432×279 mm. Two such pages are further condensed into a single double spread of 680 pixels wide, which I normally use for images in this blog. It is ironical that I have created these pages in a sheer impulsive approach despite its importance. Bloody impatient nihilist! Then the name—I picked it up from a list of dozens of them that popped up in a couple of minutes. The inevitability to depend on system fonts and a few free pieces from here and there would make the process more demanding but then I rely on my whims! 

PS  The main news was baked! The briefs are from yesterday’s and today’s news websites.



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