Chaaikhre Ngasi Nangi Loubukta

Arambam Somorendra’s Chaaikhre Ngasi Nangi Loubukta (originally written in 1989) translated by Arambam Sophia (April 2015)

Today on your fields is strewn
The blood of your sons
To merge with your soil
That it may be nourished
For seasons forthcoming
O green phige-clad Mother
O beloved Manipur!

Smoke shrouds
Your sky
Ceaselessly rising
From the pyres of your sons
Smoke shrouds
Your sky,
Blown asunder
By the unfettered wind
It spreads
All over your sky

To pour forth as rain
In every corner
Of your hills and valleys
The seeds of the past
Now slumbering
Shall be awakened afresh,
New sprouts shall spring up
On your vast fields and fallow lands.

One day at dawn
In the sun’s crimson rays
Your old faded clothes
Shall be changed anew
Your favoured ritual attire
Shall be sprinkled
With golden hue.

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