On Seeking Self-hood

Can I be a cowboy
Have I no horse, alas
Neither a hat nor a handgun
Am I just a bewildered wanderer
Too broke to buy even a boot.

Am I Auden
Alas, life goes the local Kangleipak style
And I got a cowboy costume, out;
And it gives a seemingly true self, in;
Cowboy, nay, possibly a sickly cow.

Maybe I’m the Moon
Like the lack of its own light
Like its distance from the Real
Sigh again.

Got I to be the government
Might as well I be the master
Yet the only rule I have is of no rule
My only ministers are only my desires
My only subjects are only my whims.

Maybe I’m Manipur
Broken and bruised and bleak
Yes, it looks getting closer
With no horse and no light
All along I have not been seeing clearly.

Maybe I’m just the shadow of the deserted over-bridge.



 No God, No Master



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