A Score of Killer Statements from ‘Calvin and Hobbes’

I’d have to love to get both of them as equally as possible but at the end of the random collection from multiple sources, I have realised something. This compilation of quotes is more Calvin than Hobbes!

Anyway, this is no arithmetic homework and the more important thing is that the little bad boy and his tiger never fail to entertain us with their simple yet outlandish flights of imagination, or often as Bill Watterson wants them, with the duo’s railing at the world of art and academia.

Finally, for such a limited number of killer statements, I might be missing many others of similar passion—or perhaps, even with deeper intensity, particular because I’ve left all the dialogues and confined to one- or two-line statements. I’d want to include Susie Derkins in the next compilation if ever I make it.  


Font: Calvin and Hobbes by Martijn Reemst
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