On a Mission to Find the Different Types of People Who Are Involved in Protests

Last year superstar Bonny was on the street and not on any set
He would suit better in the latter
But for all the omens, we are no Hollywood
Aye, we are not even a Bollywood type
Earlier this year the aspiring civil servants
In pursuit of their looming good days of clerical works
They have sacrificed the time they would spend elsewhere
But for the examination to assess their clerical magic
And now, worse than Bonny,
And apparently after reading a dozen of clerical exam’s guidebooks
And what else would explain their name:
The JAC for the Rectification
Of Eligibility Criteria to Protect the ‘Sons of the Soil’?
They have just started a hunger strike protest just after lunchtime
Earlier in the day, a few teachers had lost their mind
In the scuffle that broke out at the holy site of protest
Was it a protest for the salary,
Was it a protest for the condemned lives of the land?
Before I found any answer
Around the government electricity department in Keishampat
I saw the group of actresses
A few of them had apologised already for dancing
Or was it a simple community ritual? But nevertheless
With wayfarers, and in front of the building,
They were joined by university teachers
With a separate coconut, a separate bunch of banana,
Adjacently; with a separate pot and a separate banner as well;
I care not to ask their demand
And my protest is against everybody
And I declare my allegiance to nobody.

Fake newspaper, but real news



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