Sunday Facts: Truth Reacts

For the Manipuris, today is one of those days when we realise a truth of our lives. To put it bluntly, we have army colonels who would never become a general, chairmen of state commission who would never head a national agency, but who would instigate the young people to kiss ass and at least get to the national level. They are a group of freeloaders who would want to redefine the very term so that, in reality, we do not appear to be a freeloader. A few people from the dominant group, the Meiteis, have a public gathering, which is, if we look up, I believe it could be the largest gathering of freeloaders across the globe in the Guinness World Record for a shitty categorisation of people like the scheduled tribe of India under the Constitution of this half-formed nation-state.

Nevertheless, here is a list of the facts of the day that have nothing to do with the freeloaders and ass-kissers:



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