The Anarchist Way of Life

Anarchism is the ultimate form of living. It is even more powerful than idealism, which solely focuses on our aspiration and imagination. But we live in an unjust world and unfortunately, anarchism as well as idealism are grouped in the same category of living that we aspire and imagine but which is not only practical but also a matter of insult. This is even more pathetic than the popular perception, that relates anarchism to anarchy, but which we know are poles apart. In the meantime, George Carlin hit the bull’s-eye when he said: ‘Scratch any cynic and you will find a disappointed idealist.’ That’s the foundation. In its entirety, anarchism means to say to hell with the government. And Manipuri anarchism means to say to hell with the Capitol Complex and Babupura. It means to say to hell with the politicians, contractors and the bureaucrats and their bastards and illegitimate sexual partners, who the onlookers see regularly in orgies at Babupura.



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