Müżi Minimal Matchbox Magic

Matchboxes are more than just a firestarter. It can be used as an earbud; it can be used as a tool for an artwork; and it can be used as a security in children’s business games. Today, matchboxes have acquired a new responsibility: an inspiration for graphic design.

Before we jump into the gallery here’s a few trivia of this John Walker’s magic. Yes, he is the guy who invented the matchbox, but by accident. That pretty much proves that unplanned journeys are always the best. Walker’s creation also shows the contradictions of a human life. In other words, a cigarette lighter was invented seven decades before the matchbox, both of them in the nineteenth century. But these are all Western/European perspectives. An actual matchstick was used by the Chinese way back in the sixth century.

Finally, do you know around the world about half a trillion matches are used every year? I have no idea at all; I use only cigarette and gas lighters.

Here’s the Müżi Minimal Matchbox Magic.

PS      Another similar graphic created for this blog in 2012:
Matchbox Magic: Light My Fire



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