july, haiku avenue 3953

eat a minister
punish a few commandos;
an army dinner

listen to pop songs
check if your poop is normal

those in newspapers,
fried and dried the local style
—wailings and whimpers

it’s the present trend
everything’s up for a price
how much is your life?

add one hundred ten
and a thousand professors
teachers in our butts

it’s getting too much
the masturbating teachers
please go fuck yourself

too hot to protest
the summer’s as hot as fuck
form a J-A-C

how much will it costs
for every fart on your face?
ask the contractors

india got caught
in monkey business and craps;
the constitution

the governor chilled,
he got the nicest handjob
from homo alley

a nephew’s got drug
why would you need landhoni?
—the thoubal village



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