On Those Who Will Be Questioned

One daybreak though the sparrows had been long gone
We will soar in faded tangerine and azure skies of freedom
When we will say we deserve it for everything
Memories will become mere remembrance
Too far had been the journey
Too momentary will be the misery

And my friend, you will be asked
Not about your fancy suits
Not about your obsession with your sex partner
But about what you like
About what you think of freedom

We will see our tomorrow
We will hear about our past
We will experience our present
And my friend, you will be asked
What your foreign degrees have done for you

In the twilight you might be blinded
But you will be asked about your blindness
You will be asked about your affectedness
You will be asked about your greed
When the world was dying of hunger

You will be questioned for your neutrality
What use will it be of, anyway, in the liberty’s new days?
Still you will be asked all the time
For seeking your mere opportunities
For building your hopeless boundaries; like why, how

On that day there will be no poor or rich
No black, no brown, no white, no yellow but people
Only people but you will be asked
About conditions you know of your wonderful world
Those that you think made your world wonderful

But these will not be asked:
The name of your country, the name of your race
Your languages, your gods and goddesses
Your bank accounts, your properties
But you will be asked so many other things



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