Social Media: Decoding the Language of the Local

Once a long time ago, TS Eliot had succinctly summed up our lives in the new millennium, Distracted from distraction by distraction. Indeed, the ever-increasing number of social media services is transforming our way of life, be it for the good or the bad or the ugly. Every post, every update, every tweet implies a digital footprint; and each one of them is a tool for our personal identity. Ironically, all of these so-called social media care for your comment but hardly respect your opinion. It is just a formality. Perhaps this is the reason why people say they would want just two real friends instead of two thousand friends on Facebook.

PS: I hardly understand what the local world-farers meant by social-media-ing  about the North American election. To hell with the USA. For that matter, to hell with the Indian military democracy.



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