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the personal purge

when i was one day old, i got no religion
when i was one month old, i got no nationality
when i was one year old—to hell with my parents

i got no religion
and i got no nationality
and i got no parents

and now i’m tired of these application forms
the government has got a fifty-page form
and i got to sign in 200 different clearly bordered boxes

but  i got to prove my religion
i got to prove my nationality
i got to prove my parents; those  who brought me into this world

into this world

i got no religion
and i got no nationality
and i got no parents

this world of nothingness
this world of meaninglessness
this world of utter hopelessness

let me piss on the  religion
let me go away from any nationality
and i got a fart of an art for any upstart

to hell with your religion
to hell with your nation
but do try to live in ‘a’ heaven

where i’m right now, with these ungodly things
these immaterial things
these—all of these nothingness


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