Fear Psychosis

People are afraid of the police
And people are afraid of the guerilla
And I'm afraid of everybody.

And people love to steal from the government
And people love to bitch about other people
And I'm only afraid of everybody.

I'm also afraid I have stopped being terrified,
when the cops frisk me, dabbing their lathi on my butt;
I'm afraid I'm no more dismayed,
when the guerilla did what they do best most of the time:
tickling the arses of everyone who don't have a gun;
I'm afraid all of us are turning into swollen anuses.

It's too dirty
It's too filthy
Yet I'm afraid I'd ever get clean.

The doctors advised I should eat more
The teachers lectured I should speak more
But I'm just afraid of everybody.

I'm afraid to be poor, I would die a poor, unknown man
I'm afraid to be rich, they would send me demand letters
I'm afraid to be so common a man they would simply kill me
I'm afraid to be a cop, they would call me a dog
I'm afraid to be home, they would disdain I'm a lazy bum
I'm afraid to be an animal, they would call me a man.



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