Written on the Plain Highway

On the highway to Lansdowne, I saw
Ganga lying under the colourful skies
attracting everyone's attraction against my jealous eyes
there she was seductively, in her gracious best,
her voluptuous body glowing in the day's old hours
when the sun was shining in its last best shot
and in a typical thinking of yours truly
I remembered Iril
I used to call her Irin lovingly
but she failed to turn me on
failed utterly now
even after recalling those many memories
of so many nights that we shared together.

My life has changed now
I read it between the dark lines of the night
tho' I'm still on a highway
and when a day ends
I would go to one of the whorehouses
en route to my endless destination
and there is no love now, no hate
Just a fine line of blissful ignorance
and life goes on and will end
not at the highway, unfortunately,
but at some riverbank crematorium.



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