An Ode to the Independence Day

the rebels say my freedom to go naked
ends at the door of my house

the government says my liberty to kill
ends at the election booth

while in some forbidden abode
have humanity and sanity turned reclusive

on this independence day, I wish
all of you must go fuck yourself.

and we would pass comments
the universe's so relative
there are reasons we are so anguished
there are reasons we are so slavish

and we would play the usual game
the dull games of the plebeian so tame
on the landscape so barren
on the independence day

and the naked lies have raped my freedom
—  of backbreaking wings that allow no fly
—  of fleeting clouds that promise phony permanence
and I have nothing to depend on

on this independence day:
freedom is found only in the power's kingdom
liberty is doing things too beastly
independence is a dream so far in the distance.



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