Thawan Haiku: An August 13 Tribute


The thawan haiku
My tribute to the patriots
On August 13th


In history textbooks
You wrote with your blood and pain
For you die, we live

You only exist
Memories and energies
Now we care no more

The old BT Park
In old days we went with grass
Sometimes old men barked

Hicham Yaicham Pat
We know not where the lake is
We know rock at Range

The cops should be hanged
The court says about the fakes
Death has changed a lot

For the land they die
For the land you and me kill
When are we living?

August 15th comes
Two days after the 13th
Nothing to bark now.



Thawan The fifth month in a Manipuri calendar
BT Park A memorial park in the heart of Imphal. Two great martyrs -- Bir Tikendrajit and Thangal General -- were hanged by the British at Pheidapung, Imphal Pologround, now rechristened the BT Park with a tall staue, on Aug 13 1891. It used to be a great place for smoking grass. I don't know how it is these days. It's been long I have been homeless and now I live in a rent.
Range / Ranch A playground in Yaiskul, Imphal. We have known it as a popular venue for rock concerts.
Hicham Yaicham Pat A graveyard of the martyrs, located adjacent to Range.
August 13 the Patriots' Day of Manipur
August 15 I came across this day for the first time when I was hardly seven months old.



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