Made in Yunnan

I bought a gun
from Yunnan
when I went there to check
what it takes to cross the border
from my town; and they said I will die
of several Chinese ailments
if I continue living so close, but
it didn't matter for I was so happy
to be there, to be going
and I was happy
I bought a gun.

When I returned home,
there was not a single soul
in my lifeless town;
so I shot at the stones,
and I shot at the stars
and I was saddened by the fact
I didn't get other things to shoot at,
when I returned home.

Made in Yunnan
this gun is, and I'm tired
searching for a soul —
not to shoot at — but
my exaggerated social mindedness;
nevermind it, I'm sick of this loneliness
and am going away; and if you ever find
my dead body lying here, please place an
epitaph on my graveyard —
Made in Yunnan.



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