Bad Guests Come, Good Guests Leave

Image courtesy Arrival and Departure

Be our guest
So they come
One by one,

Bullets rush
They bang front
They race rear
No one stays

When drug comes
All is well
All shed tears
When it leaves

Some guests are
But it’s true
They do come

Peace comes quiet
Full flowers bloom
The room’s full
Good guests leave

Bad guests come
Silence, still
They know not
The reason

Money’s in
All turn green
So do we
So do they

No one’s sure
If it’s good
If it’s bad
The money

Go to shit
Let him wait,

Bad guests come
Good guests go
So be it.


Breaking news

There is a new blog on the block. And it is special in more than one ways. One of the most remarkable features is that it is entirely written in Meiteilon/Manipuri, though using Roman alphabets. I’m planning, one day, to convert it into a full-fledged Meitei Mayek weblog, using some unicode fonts. No worries for now, only poems have been updated and a lot more can be expected in the coming days. I bet you will find this kind of weblog in Meiteilon/Manipuri nowhere in the gargantuan world wide web. Enough, bragging! Visit your local book store and grab the latest copy of How To Read & Write & Speak Manipuri Like A Manipuri In 45 Days!

Numit Kappa

Loinasillon bu pamlubagi mahei ama, seireng warengda ngaojaradi masana adoom seireng wareng henna panningngak-e, henna eningngak-e, heiba heitabaduna wari ama oiraga. Nungaitaba amana Meitei Mayekta eba ngamdabasini. Nongmadi laakkhini, one fine day, aduda oina fajana semmak ageh. Hainignba kaya lei, fongdokningba kaya lei, houjikkidi, aduna yaana-yaanaba tousille.

Numit Kappa - Meiteilon Seirenggi Blog



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