Work is Worship?

All along the years I have always thought that work is a curse. Blessing in disguise? I'm not sure anymore, but lately, as the number of boring days increases so much, I have changed my mind for good. Work, any kind of work on personal and professional terms, saves us from the drudgery of life. Imagine a life in which all of we have to do is just sit and watch the sun and the moon and stars, all day, all night, only sitting and eating and walking and running and losing ourselves in endless streams of entertainment and ennui. It would be the ultimate disaster, a suicide of the soul. However this does not mean we have to work to live our life.

Work is Worship???
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Basically, I'm worried about too less of work as much as I'm about too much of it. It sounds good that the best way is to make the right balance between work and leisure, though it is easier said than done. In any case, we cannot love too much work or too much free time. Otherwise Brian May may entangle us in his long curly hairs and sing us Too Much Love Will You.

I want to break free from all the sticky cages of work and free time and make the most of my time in the most productive and cheerful way. We live only once, why waste it in working our arses off to pay the bills and the rent and save for the future! And why should we spend it away doing nothing.  


Is livelihood what defines our life? I don’t think so. Financial things and philosophy are strange bed-partners. Livelihood is not life. For that matter, no fragmented parts of human existence can define what a life is when the whole cannot even define it. No politics. No education. No science. No religion. Not even our belief systems. None of them can explain why we are living. Yet we need to understand the ‘whole’ to understand the bit of the essence and its parts. So, to put it bluntly, life is not work. To hell to those people who pray work is worship. Forty to forty-eight hours are more than enough, but not enough, never enough to give us meaning. And what are we without a life?

So reassuring it was when I read Oscar Wilde, when he wrote, “Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do.” Why cannot we live without work? Work, I mean, going to office every day — the back-breaking deadlines, the bosses (ahem!), the salary, running for paying the bills, brooding for the sake of the future. Sometimes, I want to go back to the state of nature, but since it is not possible on practical terms, I would keep searching for the alternatives to find more meaning. Please don’t tell me it would be hard after ‘killing’ more time at the workplace than where it really matters to find the meaning. Surely, this world is so full of contradiction. Perhaps, the sustenance of life, in or out of 40 hours, is our work even if life is not merely sustenance.

WORK, W = FdCosΘ???

What is one of the worst dreams on a Sunday night / Monday morning? !Ping. Being at work! I love Charles Lamb's essays since college, but I love him more when he said that he was always late for work, but that he would make up for it by leaving early. Well, I'm not indifferent to my work. I like it, in fact, yes indeed. Perhaps because doing nothing is the hardest work, never knowing when I'm finished. The fact that we have to give our asses eight hours a day, six days a week, however, makes me quite apathetic towards this whole business of work and workplace. Karl Marx and those guys did a commendable job in reducing the working hours, even if America hates his followers of communism like I hate Monday mornings. But what I really want is to further decrease the working hour to, say, four hours; that way, I will start loving my work unconditionally, I will give my 200% from the usual 100% (I can show you the graph), and I will never complain about my boss in my 'entire' life, and the list goes on.

On a much lighter note, the weather is getting pleasant with each passing day, as autumn draws the curtain over the intolerable summer heat. The humidity is still here like a shameless cat, but when September ends, the air is going to be a lot nicer and conducive. And maybe, it will also make me less lethargic getting up in the morning, makes me ready to take a bath, and makes retiring on work days so comfortable with occasional drinks and movies. I hope so.


Going to work is one of the worst things that have ever happened after the creation of life on the earth. There are only moments when I feel really motivated, but these are only lasting as the onset of instances like the excruciating boredom is the last thing I have found in life. Quite painful. But the books of wisdom teach me that there should be a way out, though never easy it is.

It’s always good to see the big picture. There used to be a story of two workers who were employed in a construction firm. When asked about their daily activities, one of them replied he washed bricks, take them to the top floors, brought in the cement, all the nitty-gritty and things like that. The other replied he was building the tallest building in town. Woh-oh, what a food for thought!



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