Letter to the Editor

With regards, we request you publish this letter not as a letter
But flash it a news nevermind if it is not even a news
It is our story, the stories of the strugglers
There is no other way but impose our words and judgment, kindly
Publish or perish, you might even perish after publishing,
We know the world been so uncertain these days;
In publishing it, tho' we will get the pleasure as much as in making you perished
We cannot help it, in uncompromising positions we taken a stand;
Horror's our identity; the doctors the engineers know most
Fear's our name; the people know most,

so here it is, our stories, the lives of the brave brotherhood
there a furnished house for our secretary, please note down
We bargained it with our hard-earned money
We always get only hard-earned money
And it's located, a foreign mainland city, far from the dirty unwashed
No foolish tribesman dare dream such dream such delight;

a roundtrip for the advisor to the land of happy people
This is a simple journey -- mention it clearly
He knows reading; he is going, learning
Hold it! Write as it is, publish as it is;
Our revolution is more prompt than the earth
We fight for a new unknown thing
We are uncertain about this new unknown thing
But we hope our land will become this new unknown thing  
We will we will become new unknown thing
No matter how many bombs and warning letters it takes

We have achieved many other unknown things too;
Should the reports not overlap with other bloody faction
The Hilly Faction and the Imphal Faction, them especially;
you know well, sir, publish it. Or perish.
Publish or perish, we always make the call
This letter bears witness, if not, the grenades you know well.
Remember. The cartridges we left your office last winter.

10:53 AM 8/16/2012



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