Outside the Chamber

I'm not sure where am I
This moment is what makes me
I'm alive but it's hazy
All the things are so blurred
The people have become
Zombies and all the sounds
Echoes in the distance

Silent echoes, blurred views
All the indistinct sounds
All the senseless sights
Suddenly I realise
In wonderland I'm now

It is at the field of
Heaven where I'm now
And where the weeds grow wild
And where poppy plays the
Only protagonist;
Us, we get other roles.
What role am I in now,

Indistinct and unclear
Silent echoes, blurred views
Everything is bleary.

No I'm wrong I'm not here
Silent echoes, blurred views
Indistinct and unclear

Suddenly I see it
Again, this time it's clear
I'm chained with India
Whoever has done it
Whoever has chained us
Let it go, if not me
I will take its share of pain;
Let it go, if not me
It has got a baggage
Of thirty-three crore gods
Of one billion people
Let it go, if not me
I'm just a wasted man.

12:11 AM 8/19/2012



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